When starting a business, every entrepreneur might have brilliant international business ideas,  dreams of going internationally and doing business in Russia, in the USA, Australia or in Europe. Without any doubt international or global business brings lots of attractive opportunities and benefits.  Why is it worth considering global expansion of your brand?

According to business.gov, companies that do foreign business grow faster and fail less often than companies that don’t. If your business succeeds nationally, international trade will likely increase total revenue.

Secondly, security is a key issue for any company, enterprise or association.  If a company does  export business, it will be less vulnerable to repeated fluctuations and downturns in the national economy.

Thirdly, export of services or products can help a company or enterprise achieve  greater scales of business, particularly if a company runs professional activities in small domestic markets.

There are at least a few good reasons to consider effective implementation of international growth strategy  and doing foreign business. Ultimately there is no right or wrong approach to starting international trade. Various circumstances will be prevalent in different international markets and for different businesses. In any case we strongly recommend  doing some serious thinking about export business opportunities, as well as preparation on implementing international business ideas or business development strategies. If you do your «hometask» well and get the help of international business consultants,  starting your global business could be one of the best and most profitable decisions you have ever made.


International business – why online advertising

It is no secret that the number of Internet users is growing rapidly worldwide. If a company wants to be successful in export sales, it cannot ignore such a large number of potential global clients, who are searching for products or services as you are reading this information. To be effective doing business in Russia, Europe or USA it is most important to be one or even a few steps ahead of your competitors.

What is more, a single online marketing campaign might be used as initial marketing research, that brings you feedback of great value as to what extent international customers are interested in your products or services and if and what product or service modification you should undertake to effectively go global. By analyzing received feedback, a company or enterprise might better develop its website, products and service to fully satisfied global clients’ needs. Consequently a company will provide a product or service that international clients really do need and desire to purchase without any hesitation The final result will be great satisfaction of the company’s international clients, and the company itself benefits from export business opportunities and international trade, that  increases its revenues.

Last but not least, cost and savings of export import activities. Some or even the majority of, geographical destinations are remote and require significant investments: business travel costs, logistics expenses, etc. Think about Russia for instance, a country that is an extremely vast territory, so a business  will need to invest a considerable amount of time and financial resources, if it wants to be doing export import business with Russia.  However,  by implementing internet advertising, a company’s activities become less complex and less complicated: time zones are not a worry any more, as a company’s foreign business attracts new profitable clients even when you sleep peacefully.


Global business – FAQs


Our company is considering export import business, which international markets are you proficient with?
xoxoseo advertising agency is mainly experienced in digital advertising campaigns that are designed and implemented in:

  • European countries as Baltic States, Germany, Poland, Great Britain, Ireland, Czech rep and others
  • Russia
  • former USSR countries – Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and others
  • the USA
  • Australia and New Zealand

What languages do you run e-marketing campaigns in?
xoxoseo internet advertising agency mainly manages e-campaigns in  Russian, German, English and Polish languages. By demand xoxoseo online marketing agency can design and implement online advertising in any other language, e.g. Czech or Italian. If we find, that xoxoseo won’t be performing effective online marketing in a demanded language(s), we will tell you this openly.


Should our company prepare strategies for global business development or international internet advertising?
From what xoxoseo experiences show, the best outcomes of effective international business development  are achieved if cooperation between a company and xoxoseo runs smoothly. That means xoxoseo internet advertising agency designs, implements and manages successful global internet marketing campaigns, but also a company (xoxoseo’s client) takes into account (if possible) recommendations and initiatives of our consultants and specialists.


What experts form xoxoseo team?
The advertising agency xoxoseo was set up in 2012 by a person with rich experience in international marketing that is backed by a MBA diploma. Today our team consists of specialists who work in different countries, successfully supporting clients in their global growth.

Our clients and their successes are the key moments for us. We make every effort to let them sparkle, like real stars. Due to various aspects and also because of our internal policy we do not publish any trade names on our website. But we will be happy to present you with our portfolio, if you ask about it.


What services are offered by xoxoseo if a business plans to go global?

If a company plans to enter foreign markets, or is already present in them, but is not satisfied with results or wants to boost its activities, we would be happy to help in such areas as:

  • design, launch, monitor and optimise online campaigns – PPC, SEO, content marketing, PR or in social media;
  • audit of running campaigns and preparation of recommendations or consulting and coaching of employees who are responsible for online activities.


Where can I find your price list?

Each case is really unique. Please get in touch, and we will get back to you within 24 hours to get detailed information concerning your goals and marketing tools that will be used. Based on this information we will prepare a calculation and will offer you some bonuses (as usual).


Our company wants to get international clients, but we would like to get more information about quality of your services.

We fully understand your concerns. Indeed there are a great number of fair and unfair companies that advertise on the Internet and declare that they offer top-notch services. We will send you our portfolio any time you ask  for it, so that you can find international brands that we have been cooperating with.

To help you get to know us better and trust us we also  offer a free 1 hour consulting via Skype , so that  we are able to discuss business opportunities, introduce xoxoseo and present more details about our experience and success stories of our clients. 


Should you have any additional questions, xoxoseo will be happy to answer them. Please, use our contact form.
You will also find useful tips and recommendations dedicated to export import activities, and international trade  in our blog.

If you would like to gain more knowledge on online advertising services and possibilities, understand how tools work on global market, visit our section digital advertising.