So, you have decided to create a business, personal blog or relaunch your existing one?  If you are still hesitating whether or not blogging for your business is a good idea, the article “Blogging for you business. Should you or shouldn’t you?” will probably help you come to a decision.

For certain, your business benefits from blogging in numerous ways: more traffic, more loyal clients, natural link building and so on.

Blogging is good for your career. A well-executed blog sets you apart as an expert in.  Penelope Trunk

Some of the questions that always blow your mind are what is the most relevant content for your business blog, how to create a successful business blog or how to make a business blog successful. The answer is relatively easy – you should satisfy your clients or readers, and content should help them solve their problems.



120+  ideas for business blog posts


While choosing relevant topics for private or business blogging, you should keep in mind your expertise in that area or niche. It is wise to blog only about matters you have professional or deep  knowledge about. If you are not an expert, however you think a topic would be of interest to your readers, you can improve your knowledge on the subject before writing or do not write about the topic at all.

And here we would like to share blog posts ideas for your business or private blog:

1. Known and unknown facts about your business (e.g. in the form of infographics)

2. Case studies – how your product, services, consulting helps your clients

3. How to – how to use your products or services. If your product or service varies from branch to  branch, you can run series of articles showing how e.g. clients from educational branch use it, and how clients from medical sector can benefit from it

4. Video – content, e.g. educational, product or other films demonstrating how your product works, how to use it, how to practise a new skill or how to avoid mistakes

5. Animated videos

6. Whiteboard videos (well-known Moz Whiteboard Friday)

7. Honest comparison of your products/services and of competitors (Remember – nobody is perfect)

8. Branch reports, statistics, infographics, white papers, e-books (here is a goldmine)

9. Predictions and recommendations of reputable experts in your branch or niche

10. Results of tests of yours or your partners

11. Interviews with experts in your niche

12. Your recommendations of related products. e.g. if you organize free webinars, you can recommend a reliable webinar platform that has all the necessary technical features and affordable prices. If you teach handlettering, you can recommend pens and pencils. If you do medical check ups, you can recommend verified vitamins or health resorts

13. Explain the differences, e.g. if your business is about ski rent, explain the difference between producer A, B and C or show pros and cons of each of them

14. Inspire your clients by perfectly realised projects of your own and other businesses

15. Prepare a list of must read books (for professional and/or personal development)

16. Create a list of events worth visiting or watching

17. Introduce and promote young talent

18. Design educational materials, also related to your service or a product. If you work in Saas branch, you might prepare instructions on Analytics or A/B testing

19. Write about your successes and awards that demonstrate you or your business as an expert in your niche

20. Write about how significantly you have improved quality or service

21. Show step by step how you have solved problems and what instruments you used

22. Prepare recommendations on how clients should properly take care of your products, e.g. if you sell cacti, how should a user water or replant them

23. Teach your customers e.g. how to combine styles or colours, what ingredients to pay attention to and why

24. Give your clients ready solutions, e.g. step by step instructions on how to make handmade cream or soap, how to decorate, how to operate a business in Japan

25. Prepare a calendar and in advance remind people about important dates (e.g. Black Friday, Cyber Monday) or events (exhibitions, branch fairs)

26. Tell them what rules in your branch they can break and what they can’t

27. Write about related topics, e.g. IVF clinic might write about how to cope with the infertility rollercoaster or how to take care of relations (Interview with Andreia Trigo on infertility by EggdonationFriends)

28. Interesting facts – if it is a site dedicated to tyres, a user might be interested in facts about the fastest cars and their history

29. Glossary with basic terminology

30. Glossary with  advanced terminology


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31. Information about your business milestones and celebrations

32. Give information what certification (awards)  a business got recently

33. Prepare articles about professional associations and why a company became a member of it

34. Courses, training or seminars you participated in and your reviews and experiences

35. Write about participation in branch fairs and give thanks to your visitors

36. Invite your users to share their experiences while using your product or service (e.g. run a contest)

37. Invite other businesses or experts  in your niche to publish their articles on your blog

38. Invite your users/readers publish their articles

39. Simply ask your readers what topics they would be interested in and/or run a poll

40. Show how you celebrate holidays (national and international)

41. Show how you deal with complaints

42. Write about good practices in your niche

43. Publish Q&A article(s)

44. Tell your users what blogs, sites, social media accounts, experts in your niche or related you recommend and why you think they are worth being followed

45. Prepare a list of apps, best tools or software that might useful for your customers or readers

46. Prepare free youtube (online) courses, write about them and explain for whom they are designed and how users will benefit  from participating

47. How to move from competitor’s product to yours, e.g. how to export contacts from X Email platform to XX Email platform

48. In the case of international businesses (e.g.overseas clinics) prepare an article about regional sightseeing attractions and give practical tips on currency, transport, language, etc

49. If you have international clients (students, patients, etc) explain what assistance you provide. Ideally insert pictures in the post

50. Inform about new equipment and clarify how your customers benefit from it

51. Organise an award that helps your users come to a final decision, e.g. if your business is related to dental health, it might be an award for the best dental clinic/ the best dentist/ the best dental brand, etc

52. Introduce your area and name events that might be attractive for readers

53. Talk about your business history or your own

54. Propose discounts for your readers or giveaways of yours or your partners

55. Translate outstanding materials from foreign languages

56. Prepare a list of courses that might be of interest to your users

57. Give tips on how to e.g.  launch a product in a new market,  pass exams successfully, apply or similar

58. Give a summary of published articles that users like or share the most e.g. within last three or six months

59. Advise your readers how they could boost their business, improve their skills or learn something new

60. Design a road map on how to be successful in what your readers are engaged in

61. You might write how you found your weak points and how you worked on them

62. Based on your experiences advise how to find weakness and how to deal with that

63. Inspire your client to reach the next steps

64. How to reduce e.g. cost per click, cost per lead, organisational or business cost

Ideas to write a post

65. Why is something important to the business of your readers, e.g. why is SEO important for those who run blogs or why is it essential to know a language of a country in which you want to launch a product or service

66. Strategies your users should try after e.g. strategies you should try after welcome letters or after a trade show

67. Prepare advices on how to find the best e.g. the best time to make cold calls or send emails

68. How X and XX work together, e.g. how to combine B2B content marketing and influencers

69. Advise how to be happy in “relations”  and find a perfect affiliate/marketing/business partner

70. Help your readers better understand their progress, their statistics or any other numbers

71. Write about metrics that are important for readers or their business

72. Share your ideas about what it means e.g. teach many international students, design and promote your own collection, start running a blog for business

73. Prepare a loyalty scheme and explain how clients can benefit

74. Design tips on how to make a business or a blog stand out from the crowd

75. You can try and make your users  laugh at the funny photos taken in your place of work or office

76. Why not also laugh at the most awkward pictures that have ever been taken in your company ?

77. Maybe you are a fan  of Sherlock Holmes or James Bond? Tell your readers what you learn from your hobby and how you use it in your professional life

78. Your readers constantly ask how your began your business or blog? Collect these questions and answer them

79. Describe a day of yours, your blog editor, your marketing or content manager

80. Inspire your readers by showing your own progress from a teacher to a marketing expert or of your business partners/other experts/your employers

81. How to work and improve brand identity

82. How you design and built your business identity, also internationally or in a particular market

83. How to find a muse

84. How to create a video/longread/ landing page when budget is limited

85. How to participate in a trade fair/launch a product or service when budget is limited

86. Say a few words about charities or sport activities you or your business participate in

87. How to protect services, articles or products from theft

88. What you or your business has learned from e.g. using xx tools, running webinars, etc

89. Be the first to inform your clients about changes in e.g. law, regulations, algorithms

90. Inform your users about updates that are essential for them

91. Talk about how to recycle e.g. old content

92. Sum up the last 12 months  of your business or activity

93. Think on how you can help your users make their boring/unattractive/standard business sound more engaging or outstanding


 The next time you find yourself lamenting the lack of content opportunities available to you, remember: there is no such thing as a boring niche – Sean Smith 


94. Say whether it is difficult to e.g. work with international corporations, teach students from all over the world, combine being a mum/dad and a blogger

95. 10 myths about

96. 10 tips how to organize XX perfectly

97. What products/services are worth selling e.g. in summer, in XX region or a country

98. Why only a few business in this niche are successful in international markets/ Why only a few bloggers are successful in handlettering

100. All you should know e.g. about running an online business or a blog for business, protection of personal information in EU or US countries

101. Paid or free? Testing or comparison of paid and free tools, services, software

102. Original recipes, methods, schemes

103. A list of must haves

104. A list of dos’ and don’ts e.g.  If you want to loose weight, your business wants to find a partner in Japan or Russia

105. Share your goals with your subscribers , e.g. New Year- new goals

106. Does the perfect XX exist? e.g. Does the perfect title/ template/welcome letter/exist? And share your thoughts, experiments or results of a test

107. Why I (we) made or did what we did? e.g. Why our company decided to start a business in Germany? Why I decided to set a personal and a business account in …?

108. What  does xxx mean for us? e.g. what does customers’ satisfaction mean for us?

109. The list of the best gifts for travelers, musicians, artists, managers, etc

110. Doing something without e.g. how to take perfect pictures without a good camera, how to find a reliable business partner without investing much time and money

111. Share your advices on the first steps to do something

112. Write about your regrets

113. Explain what and how other business or people should do to be as successful as you are

114. Explain to your readers whether Is it too late e.g. to invest in China, to learn foreign languages or drawing ?

115. The truth about

116. Tips for particular situations e.g. how to travel with a disability, how to travel with a senior cat for long distances, etc

117. XX things we didn’t do until, e.g. 5 things we didn’t do online, until a site has https, 10 things we didn’t analyse until we signed a contract

118. Your own (or a company) viewpoints on various matters

119. Tell your readers that you want to try something or test and ask them whether somebody has known about it or has already dealt with

120. Write about unusual or strange benefits of doing or using something

121. Your own creative ideas, where the sky sets no limit