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Today practically every person follows at least one blog or reads posts on social media. However, blogs have a relatively short history, and only over the last ten years have blogs become incredibly popular. It is generally recognised, that the first blog was run by Justin Hall in 1994 (A brief history of blogging) Nowadays thousands of individuals regularly post on their blogs. The number of companies that use blogs for business has increased largely also.

If you are not sure whether you should or should use blogs for business, look at our chart. Blogs in business are the proper tool, if:

blogs in business are the proper tool, if:blogs in business are not the best option, if:
you intend to deliver content that is useful for your targeted audienceyou will be copying and pasting content (e.g. you have noticed that a competitor’s article works perfectly)
you will deliver 100% unique contentyou will be writing about how great your company is and how perfect the products or services you offer are
you know what content your readers would prefer (educational, entertaining, etc)you will be making reminder posts about when holidays are coming, or a new product has been launched
you will post regularly (here frequency is not the issue)you will prepare a text within 30 minutes, not taking care of engaging titles and proper text formatting
you will take care of SEO 



How to use a blog to promote your business


There are many ways to use blogging to promote your business. The only major limits are … your imagination and insufficient knowledge on the needs of your clients or your targeted audience.

Here are a few ideas on how you can use blogs to promote your business:

  • design educational materials and help your customers be healthier (medical business), more successful (educational business), better informed (B2B business). If you manage a medical business (e.g. check ups) tell your clients how to control their health, share tips on how to avoid major illnesses, describe the first symptoms they should recognise, explain the differences between various procedures. If you are involved in B2B business, think about what your clients need. Might it be a branch report, statistics, information about the most important fairs in the world or case studies. To get the maximum benefits of blogging for your business  you should do in-depth research on customers’ needs, talk to sales people or the customer service department , anyone who deals with customers on a daily basis;
  • introduce your company, its history and milestones, talk more about the people who work in your company or even reveal unknown facts;
  • maybe test out new solutions? Then simply combine blogs and business, and share your observations, results of your tests or experiments, and discuss them with your readers . In the world of SEO top experts blog about their experiments and results they get, share their observations and recommendations, new techniques they have created or what has failed to reach positive outcomes;
  • interview a guru, and publish it on your blog. Blogging for your business is not endless posts about your polished product or service. Don’t be afraid of blogging about other related topics that your readers will benefit from;
  • there are a few categories (so a few  keywords) that can bring you traffic, but these keywords will look improper  on a main page, e.g. a keyword “success rates”  for IVF treatment. Write a blog post or an article (remember to select proper keywords and find long tails) You will get organic traffic, and readers will be thankful for the answers they get ;
  • do you run webinars? Great idea, congrats! Write a post, insert a webinar recording along with a transcript. Such a thing will be attracting new readers and help your SEO efforts;
  • inspire your readers. Tell them about the success of your business, your employers or your partners. Prepare a list of books (films, music, etc) that inspire you and might be the inspiration for others. You got an award? Amazing! Post about it, say why an award is important for your business and your readers, and how you have achieved that and what steps have been undertaken;
  • are you planning to introduce a new product or service? If you use a blog to promote your business, ask your readers whether they would be interested in version A or B. Or just prepare a post that is updated when a new milestone has been achieved.  Imagine, that you are a fan of a great product, won’t you be excited and follow updated posts on what the product will be after its improvements;
  • Q&As – while blogging for business, think whether your readers need basic knowledge about a process or products. Do they know terminology? Are they afraid of going to another country e.g. to undergo medical treatment? If you use a blog for your business, deal with the concerns of your readers, prepare Q&A articles covering the main terminology or basis of a process, and help them decide knowingly.

I have mentioned only a few ideas on how to use a blog for business. Of course, there are many inspirational sources of blogging ideas, your own or competitors’. However,  if you want to successfully use a blog to promote your business you should primarily concentrate on your readers and engage them.


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Blogging tips for business


Is blogging for business easy? Yes, it is. Is it easy to use a blog to promote a business? Definitely, yes. Here are a few tips on how to be successful at blogging:

  • design and consequently implement blog strategy. How often you will write posts? Will you write for individuals or it is B2B blogging?
  • estimate your budget and how many working hours you can spend on the blog. Using blogs for business is great idea, but will you run the blog by yourself own (will you have enough time?), or would it be ran by a company specialist or an external company (extra costs)?
  • do you want to blog only to promote your business, or generate organic traffic or both? In the case of traffic generation, do you have enough SEO knowledge?
  • read publications to know the best practice of how blogs are used in business. Analyse your competitors blogs, how often they post, what formats (video, galleries, reports, statistics, etc) they use, what articles are the most popular and shared. For that purpose you can use SEO tools,  e.g. ahrefs
  • remember, you should concentrate on the needs of your readers or clients. If you make a decision to use a blog to promote your business, and will be writing only about your amazing products, I doubt you will reach your goal, and turn readers or customers into loyal ones. Do you want to visit a doctor, who continuously tells how perfect she/he is, instead of asking your questions to find out more and offer the best possible treatment?
  • be open to testing new solutions. If you run blogs to promote your business, I would recommend not  keeping the same format. Who wants to read long articles with a few pictures all along? Even the most boring business can find original solutions. Think, create, measure results and introduce improvements if they are needed. Test video format, interviews, longreads and so on. Negative results are far better, than a bored reader.

Do you like our blogging tips for business? Share your blogging ideas in the comments!