Nowadays online marketing has become a significant part of a company’s strategy. Online and offline marketing offers unlimited ways to attract new clients. But there is probably only one way to turn a first-time client into a loyal one – content marketing.

Content marketing institute defines content marketing as a ”strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action”


Content marketing – FAQs


What are the forms of content marketing?

Content marketing is greatly diverse. When you decide what form or combinations would work best for your business you have to consider many various issues such as: what kind of information your potential clients would benefit from, if your customers would be willing to share it with other users or not, what branch you are working in and addressing the designed materials to, is it only a single action or a long-term action, and so on.

You might design materials as recommendations or instructions, articles or branch reports, infographics (becoming incredibly popular), lists of FAQs or knowledge encyclopedia. The most important issue to keep in mind while preparing materials is that content has to be unique and relevant, present-day and valuable.


Could content marketing be a part of SEO strategy?

Yes. Such an approach has already gained popularity, and is constantly growing. Also, our team regularly uses content marketing in SEO strategy as one of the safest methods. More than that content marketing not only works well for international growth, but is also easy to combine with PR activities that play a significant role, particularly in international markets.


Who should be involved in the creation of content marketing?

The ideal situation is when content is a result of close co-operation with a specialist with deep knowledge or a company itself and an e-marketing agency. If so, content contains issues on the basis of merit and best suits customers’ needs to form an opinion or comparison, answer for a question, research new possibilities, etc.


When is content marketing not a proper tool?

It is only our personal opinion – if content does not satisfy a customers’ needs and does not offer a fresh insight into a problem, but is created as one of a thousand answers then it is, quite simply, a waste of time and money.


Is content marketing costly and time-consuming?

Generally, yes. Firstly, you have to know your customers’ needs, dreams and wishes in depth. Designed content has to offer detailed and multi-sided information on a large scale, concentrating on a solution for your clients’ needs, but not on your company’s great products or services. It also requires deep knowledge of branch, its leaders and their solutions.


What if my products are standard ones?

Based on our experience we know that it is always possible to design useful content. Your products might be widely used, but your experience or service might be unique. Your specialists might offer useful recommendations that, for example, prolong product life or make it possible to avoid damages.

We also recommend that our clients should not be afraid of telling the truth, that a competitor’s products have their own advantages. But your company might have more pocket-friendly prices, your specialists might be more skilled or are able to propose more creative solutions.

When a user sees that he or she is treated seriously and his or her needs are not ignored, they will become your loyal client for years.


Is content marketing ultimately the best tool?

Online marketing experts recommend implementing complex e-marketing campaigns that include content marketing and social media. You might also consider implementing SEO strategy and PPC campaigns. The final decision depends on various issues such as campaign budget, branch your company is involved in and the campaign is implemented for, online activity duration and their goals, customers itself and the particular features of markets or a single market.


How can xoxoseo help our business in terms of content marketing?

Today almost everybody knows that content is the king, and can generate leads, that are converted into sales. More than that users or clients like high-quality content, that satisfies their needs, and thus share it willingly. If a business wants to reach its goals and use that tool, it might expect services on content marketing such as, but not limited to:

  • design and implementation of content strategy, also combined with SEO and/or PR;
  • recommendations of the best solutions (information resources, branch portals, bloggers, etc);
  • recommendations on how to reach the best results (combine with SEO and/or PR) while running a company’s blog;
  • recommendations on UX;
  • coaching or consulting of specialists who are responsible for content marketing in a company.


Is content marketing expensive?

Content marketing is worth investing time and money. More than that we offer SEO optimisation (in many cases combined with PR) and high quality expert content, that will bring you qualified leads. Please contact us, and will we be in touch within 24 hours to know your expectations. Once this stage is done, we will estimate the budget you will need for a successful content marketing campaign.