If your business attracts international customers, congratulations! It does no matter, what channels you use – social media, PPC campaigns or SEO strategy. If you are not satisfied with conversion rates or any other parameters, you will be analysing and optimising campaigns. However, in the situation where your sales figures are high, how can you be sure that these numbers cannot be improved? How do you know in what way customers interact with your platform, why they do not finalise their purchase or whether your onboarding campaign is designed properly?

You will probably be using Analytics, and based on the statistical results you got, you will be undertaking further steps. Great! However in what will way you find out how a user interacts with your site or platform? Nowadays, such data is provided by various platforms, such as Yandex Metryka or Useriq.


Customer success platform – how to better understand customers

Useriq is a customer success platform that is easily integrated with platforms such as SalesForce, Slack, Zendesk and others. It is not a secret, that onboarding campaigns play incredibly popular roles in helping clients understand what they can expect from your business. Also onboarding Email campaigns get the highest open rate, if designed in an attractive and professional way. Using the Useriq customer success platform you can offer even more:

  • can your customers find the most valuable features easily? Just offer them step-by-step guided tours. You do not need to engage the developer – it is easy and really simple to use Useriq;
  • do you want to have engaged clients and increase your revenues? Just use segmentation, personalised surveys or track user behaviour. You will also find all these features on Useriq.


Customer success platforms – why do you need this solution?

Attracting new clients does not need to correlate with high revenue at all. It particularly refers to international markets, where customers might have different customer habits or intentions.You spend time and invest money in attracting international clients, and it is wise for you to be sure you will achieve your targets almost immediately. Instead of waiting for desired results for one or two  months or even longer, use customer success platform to identify narrow bottle necks and improve them immediately without losing qualified leads. Using customer success platforms you can even interact with so called at-risk customers, as by using a platform you will know what products or services your customers love the most and which need to be improved.

Nowadays almost every business has competition that is growing rapidly in domestic and global markets. For this reason, companies have to not only constantly improve their features, services or products, but also listen very carefully to their customers and analyse every critical voice of their customers throughout every stage of their journey. With the help of customer success platforms every business can beat the competition and turn qualified leads into loyal customers easily – there is no need for developers or massive investments. Now every marketing or customer care specialist can be a part of the success of the business by using customer success platforms such as Useriq or others.