It does not matter, whether you run a business or private blog, you want to monetise or simply share your experiences, it is always fantastic to observe that number of your readers is multiplying. However, whilst it is easy to say, it is not so easy to do. If you search for an answer on how to grow blog traffic, you might be interested in some easy ways to increase your number or readers.


Why is my blog traffic not increasing?

You might be surprised, but even writing a brilliant piece of content is not enough to have more traffic to your site. Why is it happening? Reasons vary, it might be strong competition in your niche, technical mistakes on your site (e.g. long loading time), onsite mistakes (Title, H1, keywords, etc), slow indexation and many, many others.  The wrongly chosen channel might also be a problem: you promote your piece of content in Facebook, while your readers mainly use Instagram, YouTube or Twitter. If you want to have more traffic to a business or private blog, analyse what channels are popular among your readers, and promote your content via them. If you want to find out more about the best ways to increase blog traffic, we recommend reading:

7 proven strategies to increase your blog traffic by Neil Patel

21 tactics to increase blog traffic by moz

Sometimes you do not need to reinvent the weel, you can only improve it, and you will get brilliant results – more visitors!


How to increase blog traffic fast?

It really does not matter whether you want to boost traffic to a fashion, travel or food site or blog. We will share this brilliant way that helps you drive more traffic. This tip mainly works for blogs or sites that have already published a few articles.

Serpstat is really great tool, and offers a paid (we use plan A, USD19) and free version.

Serstat tool to drive more traffic

Sign in or log in (if you are already a user).

Insert the URL of an article, and click on the search button.

insert url into Serpstat to analyze an article

Select the country in which you wish to improve traffic.

Selection of search engine and a country in Serpstat


Ranked keywords in Serpstat


Positions in organic search by Serpstat


And it is now time to analyse keywords, and think about how you can increase your blog traffic, only by improving your content.

Improve keyphrases near top 10 to get more traffic


Keywords No 4 and 5 have potential, and might be ranked in the TOP 10. You can:

  • introduce these keywords in H2-H4;
  • add a piece of content, using them;
  • check out whether pictures are SEO optimised properly. If the text does not include a picture, insert one, or a few related, and use these keywords in the picture name, alt and description. Remember about proper SEO optimisation, but not spamming (!)
  • you can publish an article, using these keywords as anchors, on third sites;
  • you can also analyse your own early published articles, and link them, if it will be useful to your readers.

If you do that in the right way, you might expect increasing numbers of keywords that will be ranked by Google. Remember to test only one action (e.g. introducing H2-H4), and see the results. If a keyword is promoted by Google, then improve other pieces in a similar way. If you have negative results – great! You know that you should seek another way. If you are at least somewhat good with SEO, test your own ideas. We are sure, they will work and bring excellent results. 

In an era of constantly changing algorithms, this method is one of the most powerful and safest. Google promotes websites where content is updated on a regular basis, a good piece of content will satisfy your readers and more ranked keywords will drive more traffic to a business or private blog.

Also remember that if a single method works perfectly for you now, it is not forever.  If you want to get more traffic, you should improve the site and content on a regular basis, also polishing previously published pieces. Test, measure results, implement and, … test,  and so on.


Increasing blog traffic – final thoughts

If you are not satisfied with statistics, there are many ways and powerful methods to increase traffic. If you have no ideas how to boost traffic, start from reading Neil Patel or Moz, and see whether you can apply or improve any matters to get more readers. Also analyse previously published content, and find all pieces that can be polished. As a result an article will be ranked higher on more keywords that drive more qualified readers to a website.