We are more than sure that the successful experiences of our clients proves that almost every business that wishes to can go global or get more clients nationally (More here) Even if you cannot offer products or services to international customers because of various reasons, you can sell your expertise or you can set up a consulting business online.

Online consulting business – basic information

Nowadays thanks to the Internet, our planet has become a global village. An individual can live in Russia or China, and can have a successful business that has sales in the Amazon. However, there are only two ways to achieve goals: find and test various solutions by yourself, and that requires investments such as time and money. Or an individual or a company can engage a consultant or consulting company to avoid costly mistakes.

In 2016, the size of the global management consulting market reached 133 billion U.S. dollars. Statysta

Today the market for consulting services is one of the most rapid growing, and one of the most profitable. And thanks to the Internet and other IT solutions such as skype or webinars, the sky is the limit for a company or an individual who wishes to create a consulting business

The global management consulting market reached  USD133 billion in 2016 and it was expected to grow to USD139 billion in 2017. Statysta


How to start an online consulting business

Given that you are an expert in your area or areas it is relatively easy to set up a consulting business online. You do not need to invest heavily, and here are some good articles that give insight into the online consulting business:

If you are considering, for example, starting a software consulting business, customer service consulting business, medical or any other, and you are not sure whether services will be much in demand you can:

  • visit related forums (ideal source of information if you would like to set up small business startup consulting) and sites such as reddit or quora to see whether users search for information you can provide. Invest your time and do in-depth research, so you can avoid starting  consulting in the wrong area of expertise;
  • visit Google trends and analyse statistics such as countries, regions, trends, related topics and seasonality. If Google shows a declining trend, it is worth considering other related services.

Check out potential for consulting business

Related services to be considered when setting up consulting business

You can also check out volume by using different tools such as Ahrefs (from USD99) or Serpstat (a free version is available, and enough to see statistics) and analyse figures of potential market(s)


Use Ahrefs to check out potential for online consulting business


Metrics by serstat for key word Consulting


In case you want to check out the potential of other markets such as Russia or Czech Republic, you can:

translate related key phrases (use Google translator or engage a translator e.g. via upwork) and do research using Ahrefs or Sersptat by inserting the right keyword and picking up a country you want to analyse.

Potential for keyword consulting in Russia

Data from Serpstat for keyword consulting in Russian language

What if your research comes back with zero results? You thought that the idea of a medical consulting business or retail consulting business would be in great demand and you get really poor results. In such situations we usually reconsider keywords, check out markets and other sites such as ones of competitors, forums and social media. We have experienced such situations in the past, and when we finally searched the proper keywords, it turned out that the service is strongly sought-after. However, there are no two identical markets, and it might happen that consulting in cancer medicine is searched in the US, but clients from Germany do not take an interest at all. Then there are a few options to be considered:

  • invest time, money and create demand in a targeted market. Is it possible? Yes, under the condition that you have relevant knowledge and skills in areas such as  digital channels and PR;
  • engage a consultant or a consulting company that does research and prepares a plan.


Best consulting business to start – is there any?

As we have already written, you can, if you want, estimate the size of almost any market using the tools mentioned above or similar ones. However, even if the figures are really impressive and many individuals search for nutrition or online social media consulting, but you do not possess experti knowledge of an expert and/or advanced skills in that area, or have no required certificates, then you  probably won’t succeed in that online consulting business. On the other hand, if the statistics do not show hundreds of searches, it might be a narrow branch, where you won’t have any competitors, and clients will pay any sum to be consulted by you.

When starting a consulting business online you should remember that this business heavily relies on reviews and successful stories. Even one perfectly done consultation can ensure you unlimited numbers of clients in the future.

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