In most cases people start blogging or running social media accounts because they feel they have something to share or to tell others. Everybody knows, has heard, or come across something in the media that blogging can replace going to the office and became full time employment and all by never leaving your own apartment. TOP bloggers can boast of six figure income and having the lifestyle they have always wanted. However, how often do you hear from experts that running a blog or Instagram is like running any other business, and you should develop own skills, know how to plan, set  and reach business and financial goals, be efficient at promoting your business and gaining new subscribers. For this reason you won’t be surprised to hear to that no more or no less than 4 -6% of bloggers earn really good money. Does it mean that the door to this group is closed for you? Absolutely not!!!

For sure you will succeed in blogging or running social media accounts (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest) if you are an expert in your niche, and your expertise will improve other people’s lives, making it easier or more comfortable. But you can also motive and inspire others to change their life or start doing what they have always wanted to.

You will conquer the hearts of your readers or followers if you will be honest with them and will do your best to teach, motivate or entertain them. You need to know the pain and desires of your targeted audience, and give them exactly what they need and want.

Blogging is the way of solving problems through your content for your readers. Erika Mohssen – BeykClick To Tweet

One of the most important thing you should always remember is that you cannot stop  developing and improving your knowledge and skills. Many of our colleagues who have been in online business for over 5-10 years still read professional sources daily, participate in different courses or seminars, or have their own mentors to help polish their skills and knowledge.

We also follow social accounts or blogs of individuals or companies/brands that inspire us just to know that every difficult moment will be behind us one day, we are only human and we know that we can make a mistake, and we will be even stronger for it.  Just a few examples of amazing blogs or social media accounts that give inspiration to thousands of people:

If you do not follow any blogs or social media account we would strongly recommend doing so. Just pick up a few professionally related accounts, and accounts that you enjoy following because bloggers or Instagrammers inspire or motivate you.

Top bloggers who get six figure income

To be successful in blogging or on social media is not as difficult as it might seem. Michelle from Making sense of Cents regularly publishes her monthly income statement as she says she wants to demonstrate to others that everything is possible. She started blogging when she had University debt, and the blog was a hobby for her that turned into a profitable business a few years later.

You might also think that blogging or Instagram accounts are reserved only for female related topics or TOP ones. You are absolutely wrong! Gavin Aung Than is a cartoonist who lives in Melbourne (Australia) and has turned his passion into an incredibly profitable business.

If you are still considering whether or not to start blogging or running a social media account, do not waste your time. Set up the account and let your followers find you.