Amazon founder Jeff Bezos says that it is hard to find goods or services that are not sold online. It is also harder to export goods or services globally if a company does not run online ad campaigns internationally. Just looking back, e.g. your holiday or a business trip. Where and how did you search for your hotel, flight or car rental? So, you have been a client of somebody’s national or foreign business. And your international clients? They probably behave in a similar way as you do.

Digital advertising has become a significant element of international or national marketing strategy. These days almost every company or enterprise boosts its revenue or is intending to reach new business growth with the help of e-advertising.

There are various types of digital advertising:

  • paid advertisements with Google Adwords or Yandex Direct
  • search engine optimization or SEO
  • display
  • social media campaigns (Facebook, Vkontakte, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • others

It could also happen that a single form of internet advertising is popular in only so many markets, as e.g. crowd marketing in Russia or Ukraine.


Online advertising – FAQs


How will I know what kind of online promotion is best for our company?

As mentioned above, there are the following types of internet marketing advertising: SEO (more about search engine optimization), PPC campaigns (pay-per click campaigns), display and social media ads, email marketing and others.

The kind of interactive marketing campaign that is appropriate for your business depends on various aspects, such as: type of business (B2B or B2C), goals of online campaigns and business development strategy, targeted audience and its specific features, size of a business and its specialization, budget for online promotion, etc. Based on knowledge and experience, as well as deep and detailed analysis, online marketing agency xoxoseo will propose online advertising strategies to effectively reach company’s online marketing objectives.


Might product or service modification be needed to be able to start international business?

In the majority of cases no. Based on xoxoseo agency experience, we know that it is vital to demonstrate product or service advantages to prospective international clients. Just an example: when a patient picks a medical center nationally, she/he pays attention to available treatment options. When an international patient considers undergoing his/her treatment at overseas clinics, then a person also takes note of if a clinic is certified internationally, doctors and staff communicate effectively in foreign languages, if a coordinator or international office is available, and others.


Is it possible to apply all types of interactive marketing campaigns?

It depends on various factors such as type of industry, product or service price range and so on. A few experts believe that in the case of prestigious lawyer corporations PPC (Google pay-per-click ads) campaigns are not advised to be implemented even in situations when a company intends to go global. A still content marketing campaign combined with online branding would be the most optimal solution.


What other issues should be considered during online promotion of products and services?

Advertising agency xoxoseo generally recommends keeping in mind various cultural differences, local, regional or national preferences, another way of decision making and others.


Is it possible to fail international online campaigns?

No. It might not reach global business growth in the shortest possible time. Then different ways and online tools might be tested to finally achieve the most effective result.


Our company has no (has limited) knowledge about online advertising

The team of xoxoseo Internet advertising agency includes specialists with wide knowledge of online (digital) marketing, business development and export/import activities. We do not only design and measure the effectiveness of online advertisements, we also educate (if needed) our clients, and cooperate closely.

As mentioned above, there are the following types of internet marketing advertising: SEO (more about search engine optimization), PPC campaigns (pay-per click campaigns), display and social media ads, email marketing and others.


What services are offered by xoxoseo? Which one is the best for our business?

If a business plans to search for international clients, digital campaigns are still one of the most cost-effective solutions, and it has many benefits:

  • results of online campaigns are easily measured;
  • a business can switch on/off any marketing channel at any moment;
  • a company can start even with minimal budget to check whether a specific market is interested in the offered products or services.

xoxoseo will be happy to help brands tell their story in global markets, and our services might include, but not limited to the following:

  • design, launch and optimization of online campaigns: PPC (Google/Yandex), SEO (Google/Yandex) content marketing, PR and social media campaigns (various languages);
  • audit of current campaigns if a company wants to squeeze more out of them;
  • consulting and coaching of specialists who are responsible for online activities.

When knowing the goals and targets of a business, our experts will offer the most appropriate solution or mix of them to be discussed with the company.


I would like to know your prices. Where can I find them?

Please get in touch and we will contact you within 24 hours to get additional information. Fees also depend on what marketing tool will be used (e.g. PPC or content marketing), the budget of the campaign and others. Based on the information we get, we will send you a tailor-made price offer along with free bonuses.