PPC campaigns

PPC or pay-per-click-advertising is a form that Google (more about Google Adwords) or Yandex (learn more on Yandex Direct) uses to generate clicks to a company’s website. Depending on ad price per click, chosen strategy and campaign budget Google or Yandex ads might appear above or below organic search results, or on the right side. Ad placement and their form also depend on what country the commercials are displayed in, as Google Adwords use various formats for different countries.

Here is how Adwords or Direct work: when a user is searching for the phrase “rent a car in Cyprus”, Google or Yandex shows your ad. If an ad is eye-catching, a user clicks on it and is sent directly to your website. If your website satisfies the users needs then he or she purchases your product or service, completes the form or takes any action required.


Google Adwords and Yandex Direct – FAQs


Is pay-per-click advertising good for any company?

That depends on many, many aspects. If a company has just started its international business, PPC ads might be one of the best solutions, because:

  • you can plan and control the campaign budget without any effort
  • you can modify the ads display regions at any moment
  • you can add, remove or stop any key phrases at any point
  • the campaign is launched within a few minutes
  • you can easily analyse if your prospective international clients are interested in your products or service purchase. You can measure their engagement and behavior as well
  • you can simply calculate whether this market is making money for your business
  • you have leads or customers visits within a few minutes after the campaign is launched

Pay-per-click advertising in Google and Yandex has several disadvantages as well, particularly in the context of international business development. Such as:

  • a person who designs and implements Adwords or Direct campaigns should be proficient in the targeted languages. In that situation, Google translator simply does not work
  • you should constantly control keyword bids (particularly in Yandex, that changes price every 15 minutes) and the budget. Also you should permanently monitor how PPC ads and key phrases work, check out searched terms and take away the most inappropriate ones
  • analysing and choosing the most suitable key phrases is really time-consuming. If you do not do that task well you will spend your marketing budget unwisely
  • it might happen that your branch is highly competitive, that results in a high or even a very high price per click
  • It might happen that too many competitive companies use PPC advertising just at the moment, and you would compete with ad quality (so called CTR) and price per click
  • It might happen, that even if your PPC campaign has been designed and run perfectly, you will get unsatisfactory results and this should be investigated in depth


What is a better solution for effective global growth – PPC campaigns or SEO?

Before that question will be answered, various issues such as budget, global growth strategy, specialists’ qualifications, branch, its kind, specific features and competitiveness are to be deeply looked into.


Is it possible to run pay-per-click campaigns and implement SEO at the same time?

The following solutions are advised to be implemented in certain situations:

  • price-per-click is too high, eg 50 Euros per click (medicine). Then you should run a SEO campaign for the most expensive key phrase, and PPC campaigns are designed for more affordable key words
  • your branch is highly competitive. Reaching top organic results will require an unlimited marketing budget and it will take time. Before a company reaches top Google or Yandex positions, a PPC campaign might be a way to attract traffic to a web-page
  • based on previous positive experience, a company might reach a decision to run advertising campaigns with the help of all possible e-marketing tools as: Direct and/or Adwords, SEO, content marketing (read more), social media and so on


Can a company run Adwords and Direct campaigns through own employees?

Yes, of course. However, we highly recommend consulting campaigns, their settings, key phrases and marketing strategy with Google or Yandex (or their specialists) before the launch and during their duration. You also might take the advice of online advertising companies that have expertise in that.


Is Google Adwords different from Yandex Direct?

Yes, a few key aspects vary significantly. If you run your PPC campaigns the first time, we strongly advise you to have frequent expert consultations, otherwise you will be astonished by the fact that your PPC budget has been exhausted incredibly quick.


Our company  is open to the idea of running PPC, what does xoxoseo offer?

If you have decided to use this type of advertising, we would be happy to share our experience and knowledge with you. You might expect the following services, but not limited to:

  • in depth research of keywords;
  • design, launch and optimisation of advertisements and bids (yes, you might guess Yandex Direct and Google Adwords have absolutely different bidding systems);
  • ongoing analyis of results and further optimization to get the highest results (CTR, impressions, etc);
  • reporting;
  • audit of current campaigns and recommendations;
  • coaching or consulting of specialists who are responsible for PPC.


What is your fee?

We always try to meet the expectations of even the most demanding clients, as each business is unique and has its own goals. When we get enquiries, we usually make contact with a client within 24 hours to  get additional information for price estimation, that considers various factors. As we value the time and business of our clients, we also offer extra bonuses and provide our portfolio,so that a client is absolutely sure that they will get service of the highest level.