Social media for business

Today social media plays as huge a role as any other marketing tools: SEO, pay-per-click or content marketing that is applied by an online marketing agency to boost the international presence of a business. According to the data presented by brandwatch

  • the Internet has 3.17 billion users today
  • social media accounts have up to 2.3 billion active users
  • more than 90% of retail brands use 2 or more social media channels


Social media: benefits, strategy – FAQs


Is social media the right tool for business?

Absolutely and definitely yes. The issue is what social media channel or channels are the most used by your prospective or current customers and your competitors, how big their engagement is and what kind of social media will help your business effectively go international. We would recommend doing your own in-depth research and only then should you begin to discuss and design your social media strategy and whether you will implement social media campaigns using a particular social media or a few social media channels. Keep in mind, that a company should regularly monitor fan engagement and the effectiveness of social media campaigns to finally pick only those that work effectively.


What are the benefits of social media campaigns?

Firstly, if your competitors are actively engaged in social media you cannot ignore that by any means. If social media activity is your competitors’ weak point, then you can take advantage and attract more clients or fans using the power of social media. Without a doubt social media campaigns, if implemented properly and responsibly, will increase the number of loyal customers and improve business awareness. Online campaigns implemented via social networks is a cost-effective tool to reach new markets or explore new possibilities of growth. Moreover, you can pick one or a few dedicated tools and create unforgettable and unique ads to sell e.g. pain killers when your client has a terrible headache or you can gather leads and satisfy your clients’ needs within a maximum of 45 seconds. What other tools can give companies such possibilities?


Can I use only one social media channel for different countries?

As we said above, it is recommended that you analyse your competitors, what social media they are engaged in and how active they stay. It might happen that in the case of country A, you would be using only one social media channel. However in case of country B and C it would be a mix of a few social platforms.
It is desirable to study statistics to find out more about the social media preferences of the chosen countries and users. Bear in mind that social media campaigns should also generate cultural relevance.


Should a business design a social media strategy and plan social media campaigns?

In most cases, yes. Like any other e-marketing campaign, social media campaigns should be planned even so you are able to estimate your budget, control, analyse effectiveness and final results.

Of course, if you want to test the waters and see what results you will have you might launch the probe for 1 to 3 months (not recommended for longer than 3 months) so the campaign will be able to analyse what channel plays the most significant role in your individual case.


Our company is considering  running accounts and/or campaigns on social media. How can xoxoseo help us?

Nowadays social media is such a powerful tool, that it creates high-volume sales and increases brand awareness. We might even state, that if a business has no account on social media, a brand does not exist. A company might use social media as a main or secondary tool that boosts its presence in a foreign market, and might expect:

  • recommendations on what social media channel or channels are the most effective in each individual case;
  • design and launch advertising campaigns in Facebook, Vkontakte, Instagram, Telegram or others;
  • take professional care of business accounts in Facebook, Vkontakte, Instagram or Telegram;
  • coaching or consulting of specialists who are responsible for social media accounts.


I would like to know your fees. Can you send them to me?

Yes. Please get in touch with us, and we will contact you within 24 hours for more detailed info. Then you will get an individual price estimation with our bonuses.